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Microelectronics Materials and Device Laboratory
A state-of-the-art Class 1000 Lab

This web site contains an overview of our facilities, researchers, and colleagues. Please take the time to navigate our website and learn about our group and solid state physics.

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The extensive tools and resources available for any task the group may face are listed in the Lab Facilities Section. Recent publications, including a historical listing of some of Dr. Morkoç's work, are posted in .pdf format on the Publications Page . The People Page provides biographical information about the people that work in these facilities. Recent funding, grant, and project information is posted on the Grants and Projects Page. The News Page highlights recent breakthroughs, public appearances at conferences, and visiting colleges. Information on VCU Engineering and Physics Graduate Programs can be reached through the Graduate Studies Page. If you are interested in learning more about nitrides and nitride research programs, visit The Learning Center. Enjoy your visit.

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